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The Cleanse begins with a free consultation prior to the day. Coming to your home will help evaluate your space, assess your needs, concerns and wishes. Surveying your space together allows us to discuss your wants and needs, determine what is possible and affordable, discuss rates, and formulate a personalized plan. 

Upon arrival on Cleanse Day, everything needed for your new closet will have been ordered, arrived and planned for. Cleanses range from as simple as a clean, and put-back of your closet, or as extensive as planning new systems for your closet, purchasing new items for organization, and reallocating new space for certain items. All of this will be catered to your personal preference and flexibility of the space. 

We will begin by purging the space, going through each item you have. This time will be dedicated to determining which items you would like to keep, donate, tailor or sell. This ensures that you're newly cleansed closet will be refilled with only the things you love, actually wear, and love yourself wearing. You're going to love shopping daily out of your own closet! After deciding what stays and goes, I can now refill the space in a way that is clean, styled, and most importantly, functional-for-you. 

The goal at the end of Cleanse Day is to create a stress free moment to your morning. A good closet should yield a sigh of relief, a spark or inspiration and open the doors to a fantastic new day.