"I cannot recommend Joanna's Closet Cleanse enough. Joanna is super energetic, efficient, organized, and has remarkable fashion sense from her years in retail- I had no idea how badly my wardrobe needed her touch until she was done. In one day she completely made sense of and purged my one closet, one dresser, kitchen pantry, and TWO shared closets between my fiancé and I.  The fiance went into the morning confused, "She's coming... to organize our closets? Why can't we figure out how to do that?" After the day was through he was SO happy we had done it, and whole heartedly agreed it was so worth it. The Closet Cleanse is well worth the time, and is such a reasonable price. My closet still looks fantastic and I am left with a new appreciation and understanding of my stuff."   -J. Yarmarkovich, Cambridge MA


"Joanna is a supreme organizer.  She has laser focus on creating order, uses her and your time to maximum efficiency, and understands how to blend organization with aesthetics to arrive at a user-friendly and visually appealing result.  Importantly, she keeps you amused throughout a usually teeth clenching exercise."   -B. Bassan, Washington D.C.


"I would recommend The Closet Cleanse for anyone that is moving or needs closet or home organization. Joanna was instrumental in organizing my closets, bedrooms, kitchen, office and my entire living space. Our family recently moved into an apartment in Manhattan and Joanna was amazing in putting away all my families clothing in closets, figuring out how to fit large items in small spaces and she worked with determination and professionalism above and beyond. Having her in my apartment was a lifesaver. I could not have done it without Joanna. I would recommend The Closet Cleanse to anyone that needs organization in their home or office. She is amazing! So grateful."   -J. Sassower & Family, New York NY 


"Joanna takes closet organization to the ultimate level! Not only did she go through all of my clothes and accessories to help me declutter and donate what I no longer needed, but she made a customized, maintainable strategy that worked best for the items I needed to store. Living in a studio in Manhattan, space is limited but she knew just what to do. I'm thrilled with the outcome of my closet!"  

-J. Lynn, New York NY


"I was embarrassed to have Joanna come to my apartment and see the horrifying disaster that is my closet. Literally my dirty laundry, out for her to see. But it was totally a judgement free zone and completely worth the pre-visit anxiety. She patiently talked through my whole wardrobe and organized everything into keep, donate, and trash piles. I LOVE waking up every morning and planning my outfits now that I can actually see what I own. My favorite part, was two months later, my closet got a little sloppy again, so I hired her for a touch-up. I left my keys with my doorman, and while I was at work she popped in and re-cleaned my entire closet to a T. I returned home to a perfect closet once more. Can't recommend her highly enough."   -M. Tolbert, New York NY